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The posts combine musings and commentary on socio-economic events, data analysis, and forecasting, with emphasis on effective visualization of the data and results. They are designed to offer food for thought and show things from a unique angle.

What is The Guess Project

The Guess Project is a concept that unites my research and teaching philosophies, and a platform that enables me to inform aspiring researchers and practitioners in the fields of data analysis and forecasting.

About the Author

David Ubilava is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Sydney, researching commodity prices and conflict, and teaching agricultural markets and forecasting. His work has been published in the leading field and interdisciplinary journals such as the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and World Development, among others. For his teaching, he has received a favulty teaching excellence award. David Ubilava serves as an associate editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, and as a co-editor of Food Policy.

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I think, write, and comment about issues related to or explained by economics, with a specific interest (and some expertise) in commodity markets and forecasting.